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Voice Services

The foundation of our voice services is our Integrated Business Package.

This Package utilizes the most advanced technology available to provide an affordable solution for your dialtone, long-distance, toll free service, Internet access, website hosting, e-mail hosting, offsite data backup and disaster recovery needs.

It provides more efficient use of resources with dynamic, real-time allocation between voice and data. Resources are easily shared between voice and data needs based upon the constantly changing needs of your business. Need less data capacity and more voice lines? No problem -- this system instantly adjusts to meet your current requirements. Need more data capacity when your voice usage goes down? No problem -- this system takes care of all your needs, no matter how quickly or often they change.

The solution will be custom sized to your needs and can grow with you up to 72 voice lines and a bi-directional Internet data rate of up to 4.5 Mbps.

Utilizing advanced technology we can provide a wide range of custom solutions to meet your voice and data needs. Here are just a few of the voice elements that we can use to customize your solution:

  • T-1 Lines
  • PRI Lines
  • POTS Lines
  • VoIP Solutions
  • Long Distance
  • Local Service
  • Toll Free Service
  • Personalized Telephone Numbers
  • Follow Me Telephone Numbers
  • Custom Calling Features
  • Hosted PBX Services
  • Conferencing Services
  • Voicemail Solutions
  • And much, much more!

Not only can we provide you with an affordable custom solution to maximize the efficiency of your company, but we also offer the fastest installation services of any service provider in this market!