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Client Testimonials

"FullTel was the company we turned to when we needed our service up right away at our new location. They were able to move faster than anyone else in Oklahoma City, including SBC, Cox, Logix and Nuvox."

"FullTel provides the best combination of price, features and service available."

"FullTelís advanced voice and data solution is better than anything else out there. But what really sets them apart is their customer service people. They spent hours trouble shooting a problem with our fax which turned out to be a problem with our equipment. Not only did they not charge us for finding the problem, they fixed it at no cost to us."

"FullTelís people really worked with us to make sure that there were no problems when we switched our service to them. They really deliver on their promise to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that their customers are taken care of."

"We love the real-time dynamic allocation of bandwidth between voice and data."

"What really sets the FullTel solution apart from their competition are all of the added features that are included. We are especially grateful for the offsite data backup and guaranteed availability of their offsite disaster recovery facility where our people will have everything they need to get up and running after a disaster, from desk space to computer and telephone access."

"Want great service from a local company thatís big enough to meet your needs yet small enough to know your name? Want someone to care about your business as much as you do?"

"Want a custom solution? Want live 24-hour tech support? Then you want FullTel."

"We wanted to save money by consolidating our voice, data and website hosting needs with one provider. With FullTel we donít just save money, we get better service and more tools to build and protect our business."

"We used to have DSL and were impressed with the increased speed we got from FullTel when we switched to their solution. The bi-directional bandwidth gave us faster uploads for our backups at night."