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The foundation of our dependable high-speed data services is our data center. FullTel's million-dollar, Tier 1, World Class Data Center was designed to house our equipment as well as the equipment of our customers in a safe and secure environment.

Benefits available to our customers as a result of our Tier 1, World Class Data Center include:

  • Redundant Power, Air Conditioning, Bandwidth & Fiber - Insure that you have the most dependable service possible.
  • Multi-Homed & Multi-Routed - Provides you with the highest level of protection from service interruptions or disruptions in carrier networks.
  • Climate Controlled - Insures that all of the equipment supplying your service is operating at the optimum temperature to maximize efficiency.
  • Battery Back-up for both AC and DC power - Protects against service interruption from minor power outages.
  • Generator Back-up System - Protects against service interruption from major power outages.
  • Security: Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - Assures you that we always have a FullTel employee onsite at the facility for constant network monitoring and management.
  • Personalized Electronic Access - Provides protection for both your equipment and the equipment supplying your service.
  • FM200 Fire Protection System - Safely Protects against service interruptions and damage to the equipment supplying your service by controlling fires without the equipment damage associated with the use of water.
  • Carrier Neutral Facility - Gives you the flexibility to work with multiple carriers to customize your data solution.

Utilizing advanced technology we can provide a wide range of custom solutions to meet your voice and data needs. Here are just a few of the data elements that we can use to customize your solution:

  • T-1 Lines
  • ISDN Circuits
  • ATM Lines
  • Frame Relay Circuits
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions
  • Dedicated or Shared Facilities
  • Web Hosting
  • Equipment Colocation

Don't just look at how fast you can go with FullTel's data services; look at how much money you can make with them!