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Disaster Recovery Services

In addition to offsite data backup in our million-dollar, Tier 1, World Class, Data Center, we offer desk space, computer and data access, as well as telephone access adjacent to our Data Center. This will allow your key employees to be functioning immediately following a disaster that shuts down their regular facility. We currently have 12 seats in our disaster recovery facility for your key employees and it is expandable to 25 seats.

The foundation of our disaster recovery services is our Data Center. FullTel's million-dollar Tier 1, World Class, Data Center was designed to house our equipment as well as the equipment of our customers in a safe and secure environment.

Benefits available to our customers as a result of our Tier 1, World Class, Data Center include:

  • Redundant Power, Air Conditioning, Bandwidth & Fiber - Insure that you have the most dependable service possible.
  • Multi-Homed & Multi-Routed - Provides you with the highest level of protection from service interruptions or disruptions in carrier networks.
  • Climate Controlled - Insures that all of the equipment supplying your service is operating at the optimum temperature to maximize efficiency.
  • Battery Back-up for both AC and DC power - Protects against service interruption from minor power outages.
  • Generator Back-up System - Protects against service interruption from major power outages.
  • Security: Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - Assures you that we always have a FullTel employee onsite at the facility for constant network monitoring and management.
  • Personalized Electronic Access - Provides protection for both your equipment and the equipment supplying your service.
  • FM200 Fire Protection System - Protects against service interruptions and damage to the equipment supplying your service by controlling fires without the use of water.
  • Carrier Neutral Facility - Gives you the flexibility to work with multiple carriers to customize your data solution.

Don't let a tornado, fire or other disaster put you out of business. With FullTel's disaster recovery services your key people can be working immediately out of FullTel's facility: answering the phone, accessing your data and keeping your business going while you rebuild your facility!